Derived mostly from Tulipa gesneriana, tulips are beautiful flowers comprised of around 150 species.

It is present in various parts of the globe including Asia, northern parts of Africa as well and southern portions of Europe.

Because of its highly attractive appearance and features, many people are starting to develop a deep interest in learning how to plant tulips.

Here are some of the important steps to remember when doing this very easy task.

Materials Needed

There are three basic materials needed when learning how to plant tulips. For digging purposes, a handy shovel can be very helpful.

Meanwhile, fertilizer is necessary in order to achieve healthy plants, beautiful flowers, and highly desirable results.

Furthermore, select healthy tulip bulbs if you wish to accomplish a very successful tulip garden.

Visit the nearest garden store for you to know the best possible options available.

Steps in Planting Tulips

According to individuals who are experts in gardening, the best season to plant tulips is during fall, particularly sometime in the closing parts of October until the early parts of November.

After waiting for the right season, start planting the tulip bulbs. Find a sunny location for the tulip bed and then dig at least a foot deep of soil.

Turn the ground using a spade or shovel. Apply fertilizer directly right into the planned tulip bed.

Get some tulip bulbs and then plant each of them below the ground, preferably one or a couple of inches deep.

Ensure that the root part of the bulb is pointing in a downward direction. In order to achieve a relatively nice growth rate, it is nice to allow sufficient space for every bulb, preferably six inches apart from the other.

For those who are living in places where the climate is relatively cold, it is necessary to put mulch on the bulbs.

Meanwhile, individuals who live in places where the climate is somewhat moderate can omit his particular step.

Once springtime arrives, the ground will start to warm up. This is the right moment for the removal of mulch.

For those who wish to cut tulips for use indoors, simply take the tulip heads off the plants. While doing this, plant experts recommend leaving the green stems on the plant.

With this, it is very much possible for the plant to feed the bulb. Wait until the following year and expect the tulips to grow as well as bloom once again.

In case the foliage dies, it is possible to cut it off as well.