One of the things that you can do if you want to improve the appearance of your garden is to plant grass seeds. To save yourself from constantly removing weeds, it is beneficial that you learn how to plant grass seed in your garden or lawn. Having beautiful grasses is important to enhance the aesthetic value of a lawn or garden. To learn more about planting the seeds, below are the simple steps as well as the list of materials that you will find very useful in planting grass.

Materials Needed

When planting the seeds, you need some of the basic gardening tools and equipment like the rototiller, rake and broadcast spreader. Aside from these, it is important that you have a starter fertilizer. To make sure that the grass will grow successfully, you need to buy several packets of grass seeds in any gardening store. You can also choose which type of grass you want to grow. Make sure that the type of grass that you will choose will compliment the appearance of your garden.


Clean the garden or the place where you will plant the grass seed. Remove all the trash and unnecessary things in the place. It is also important to inform your children that they cannot go to the place for several weeks until the grass seeds have grown. Mow the place and prepare the soil. You can hire a gardener who will do these tasks if you do not have extra time. You can use the rototiller to prepare the soil.

Put the grass seeds in the broadcast spreader and use the tool to scatter the seeds in the soil. If you cannot find a broadcast spreader, you can use your hand to spread the seeds. Afterwards, it is necessary to spread fertilizer in the soil to help the seeds grow successfully. To bury the seeds and the fertilizer in the soil, it is best that you use a metal rake.

After raking the yard, get the watering cans or water sprinklers and use these to water the soil evenly. To make sure that the seeds will grow well, it is best to water the seeds thrice a day. If you will water the grass seeds regularly, you can see that the seeds will start to grow in just a week or two weeks. Trim the grasses regularly. As a word of caution, you should avoid planting the seeds before thunderstorms came because these can affect the growth of the seeds.

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