Grape vines either serve as a natural barrier or a source of fruit. They are hardy and you have a wide variety of options to plant.

Our concise guide details the things you need to plant grape vines.

Need Items

You will need the following items to plant grape vines. The very first thing you should consider is looking for a sunny area where to put them.

You’ll also need a framework or even a trellis. You should also look for well-drained soil and purchase pruning shears.

How to Plant Grape Vines

You should pick a spot for your grape vines depending on how you want to grow them. If you really want them to bear fruit a good idea would be to plant them where they can get the most sunlight.

They will grow a lot of fruit when it is sunny. If they are grown in shaded areas you should expect them not to yield any fruit.

Then they will only serve as a natural barrier. If that would be their main function, instead of getting edible fruit, then place them in the shade since they will grow just fine right there.

The next step you should take to plant grape vines is to choose the variety of grapes you want to grow. Your choice in this matter would be the end result of the fruit you would want to have.

You should choose wine grapes if you are looking to get wine and table or raisin grapes if you just want to enjoy the fruit.

You can also choose between seedless fruits and seeded ones. Choose if you want to plant grape vines that grow pale green fruit or darker-colored fruit.

You will also have the option to choose between sweet or even tart. Another option you might want to know is growing wild grapes.

These will be hardy enough and will suit the purpose of growing a natural screen since they don’t grow a lot of edible fruit.

Researching a variety of grape vines that will suit your purpose is a great idea. Choose one that is best suited for your geographic area as well as your intended purpose.

You may also want to check with the nurseries in your area or nearby vicinity. Most of the time, these vines are sold in pots that are one to two gallons. Purchase only the grape vines that best serve the purpose you intend.

The next step in how to plant grape vines is to prepare the soil. Amend your soil if it is clay. The best-suited soil would be well-drained, sandy, or loamy soil.

Make your holes two to three feet in depth. You may also want to add compost and peat moss after planting your grape vines.

Build sturdy trellises that will last several years. They should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of grown woody vines.

As your vines grow and climb your frames, you should prune them when they are dormant. Prune grape vines during early spring or late winter.

They rarely need water except during the growing season when you expect them to bear fruit. You should provide netting to keep birds away from the fruit.