If you feel like adding Asian zest to your dishes then a dash of ginger root will suit very well.

You might have even wondered how to plant ginger for your home garden.

Our little guide below will help you figure out each step.

What to Use

The things you need include ginger roots, fertilizers, and garden trowels.

You will also need potting soil and plant containers.

You may also want to get compost makers, fertilizers, and bypass pruners.

What to Do

Plan how to plant ginger during spring since this will make everything a lot easier. These plants will want warmer temperatures.

Since it will be warmer during this time you won’t have difficulty planting indoors or outdoors. You can get your ginger roots either from a grocery store or in an Asian market.

It doesn’t matter where you get it as long as it will have fat tubers with a lot of buds. In case you get dormant tubers, take note that they will only sprout if the temperature rises to anywhere from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are a few tips when purchasing or choosing your containers. The size of your containers should fit your tubers comfortably. This is an important criterion for how to plant ginger.

A container that is around 14 inches in diameter and a dozen inches tall will work well enough. Make sure that the container also has excellent drainage. Fill your containers with soil and a lot of compost.

The next step in how to plant ginger will require you to work on your tubers. Soak the ginger roots you bought overnight in warm water.

You then plant them in your containers and make sure they are spaced out evenly. The buds should be facing up and the depth should be a little below the surface.

The next step in how to plant ginger would be caring for your plants. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planting ginger indoors or outdoors, just make sure that your containers are positioned where there is a light shade.

You can also gauge where to place your pots/containers using the current temperature. Ginger growth will be stunted if the weather is cooler.

At first, you should water your roots lightly. Put in more water only when they start to grow. Keep your plants dry when winter comes. Shield your ginger from winds especially when they’ve grown.

You might want to move them indoors just in case and also during the cold winter.

The last thing on your mind on how to plant ginger would be when to make your harvest. You can tell that your ginger plants are mature when they reach a height of two to four feet. That will take about ten months to about a year.

By then you can dig up roots, replant young sprouts, and replant the rest that you won’t be using.