How to plant fruit trees can be a demanding task for some. But those who do not mind garden work, learning how to plant fruit trees would be seen as a welcome gesture in making their home gardens more useful and attractive.

Besides, fruit trees can bring them shade, shelter, and, of course, delicious fruits to enjoy. That is why there are many people who are trying to find ways and tips to really comprehend how to plant fruit trees and be able to maintain their healthy growth and development.

The Soil’s Importance

Two very important factors in making sure that you learn how to plant fruit trees at home would be the soil drainage and the depth of the soil. As such, there is so much that you have to consider when it’s the ground to till that you have to plant your fruit trees in.

Drainage can be tested by simply digging deep in the soil about a foot or thirty centimeters to make a hole and watering that spot. You would know that you have proper drainage when you notice that the water you placed in the hole would be gone within three (3) hours.

When you’re ready to learn how to plant fruit trees, dig a hole about eighteen inches deep and loosen the soil from the bottom and sides.

The Role of the Fertilizers or Compost

Next, place a good amount of compost or fertilizer. Place some dirt to make a small mound in the middle of the hole to act as its foundation in the ground.

The Most Appropriate Position of the Rootball
Now, it is time to plant the tree – making sure that the rootball is placed on top of the mound. With your hands, spread the roots of the tree evenly in various directions. Fill your hole and mulch with grass clippings.

If you notice that the tree you planted is a little loose, you can choose to place more soil or tie the tree with a piece of cloth. Just don’t forget to leave room for the trunk to grow and thicken.

Some gardeners prefer to fence their fruits trees in. Others do not feel that it is necessary to do so. Such preferences would have to be your own personal choice. If you think your garden is safe from animals, then, you don’t need to fence the trees.

Studying and learning how to plant fruit trees can really do so much for those who wish to take this as a hobby or as a growing business to help them with their finances. Such reasons may help those people see that planting these trees is really a worthwhile task to engage in.

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