Those who love and grow roses in their own homes know and understand that learning how to plant double knockout roses is one of those things that can help make your garden come alive. As such, understanding what it really takes to learn how to plant double knockout roses would show you that it doesn’t need to take years to learn how to grow them in your home.

So what do you need to know to learn how to plant double knockout roses? Here are the important points to consider so you would master how to plant double knockout roses in no time.

Where to Grow Your Roses

The first point to remember is the location you would choose for your plants. A good location is always the best way to go. But, in this case, you don’t need to worry that much. Why? Well, you would be pleased to know that the double knockout roses can actually grow in those hard-to-grow places of other plants. So, in other words, a shady or sunny area can work well for these types of roses.

How to Prepare Your Soil

Next task to think about in learning how to plant double knockout roses in your own yard is the preparation of your soil. Loosen it by using either a hoe or a shovel. Make sure that you work a portion of the soil for planting to about two feet for your roses. Mulch the area and add a good amount of fertilizer.

How Many Bushes You Would Need

Don’t be too happy to just place all the bushes you bought for planting on the ground. To ensure that your rose bush would have ample space to grow in, you must know the usual requirements for planting them.

Typically, it takes about three bushes for every three feet. This spacing requirement is appropriate since bushes usually grow to about that wide and around three to four feet in height.

Now, don’t shortchange yourself and just buy bushes without examining them first. If the bushes do not look that healthy before you buy them, chances are, they wouldn’t grow up healthy, too. So, make sure you purchase only healthy bushes to grow in your home garden.

How to Plant Them

You should make sure to dig a twenty-inch deep and eighteen inches wide hole for your plants. Add mulch in the bottom. Remove the bushes from the pots and plant them in the center of the hole you made. Add more mulch, water, and pat the ground to make sure that the bushes stay firmly in the soil to grow well.

As you can see, learning how to plant double knockout roses need not be too much of a tiresome task. Just following these tips would show you how really simple and enjoyable growing these plants at home would be.

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