For people who wish to add daylilies to their garden plant collections, they will surely find this task very easy. They produce flowers that are fragrant and very beautiful. In some Asian countries like China, it is used as a key ingredient in cooking delectable specialties such as moo shu pork, daylily soup as well as hot and sour soup. Also referred to as hemerocallis, people can find out more about this interesting plant just by learning how to plant daylilies.

Materials Needed

When learning how to plant daylilies, people only need a few simple materials and tools to get the job done. These include materials such as mulch, shovel and sand. Likewise, people also need other things like sand, compost and garden tiller. More importantly, procure good quality daylily roots or plants if you wish to have highly successful results.

Steps in Planting Daylilies

Although it is generally considered a very easy task, planting daylilies is still a bit tricky considering the different factors involved in the process. Choose a location where the sun shines fully. At the same time, it must be free from the sun’s harmful rays particularly during the hottest parts of the day. When selecting a location, make sure to plant the daylilies in spots that are far from shrubs and trees, which may rob them of vital nutrients and water.

When the right location is selected, start tilling its soil to as much as nine inches deep. Pour in some sand and compost, and then mix them with the soil. Ensure that the roots of the plants are positioned in crowed and spread out directions. Cover the roots entirely with soil and then pour significant amounts of water on them. When the water compresses down, add more soil and then pour in some more water. Push the soil firmly until the plants are standing straight.

The best time of the year to plant daylilies is during the spring season. When the daylilies are planted nicely on the soil, surround them with mulch. By doing this, grass and weeds are will not grow in the areas surrounding the plants. On a weekly basis, daylilies only need around 1 to 2 inches of water in order to survive. By the time late fall arrives, expect these plants to die off. When this happens, use mulch made up of straw or grass to cover the area during winter season. When spring comes, remove he mulch as well as the old foliage. In addition, be sure to remove the weeds to guarantee the healthy growth of daylilies. Every spring, try to apply compost at the top soil. Water the plants regularly.