Planting blueberries lets you enjoy this tasty fruit anyime, not to mention add more flavor to your pancakes and other meals. The growing process itself is quite simple.

Picking the Right Site

The best area is one that gets full sunlight. A good drainage is absolutely necessary. Too much water and the plants will die. The material can be made of clay. Rocky soils can also be used.

The soil doesn’t need to be too acidic. The pH level required is between 4.0 to 5.5. However it won’t hurt to use soil with higher acidity. Spring is the best time to grow the plants.

Planting Suggestions

Dig a hole 2 feet wide. The depth needs to be at least 18 inches deep. You can also dig a hole 24 inches deep. When planting blueberries, you’ll need to cover them with peat. The plant also needs to be watered.

If you are growing the high bush, a space of 4 to 6 ft is needed. For the half bush, 3 ft to 4 ft will be enough. You should add 5 inches of mulch above the soil to keep moisture in. Mulch you can use are sawdust and pine needles. You can also use crushed leaves and wood chips.

Chop off the small side branches after planting. Cutting the blossoms during the first two years will help it produce more fruits later on. Fertilizers should be added twice. The first is in the spring. The second installment would be in the summertime. Adding fertilizer in the summer is needed for the buds.

Pruning Tips

Snipping should be done in the wintertime. When planting blueberries and pruning, two things need to be remembered. The first is that buds for next year appear in summer. Secondly, the buds pop up in 2nd year wood.

Start by cutting the dead branches. Trim the stalks from the bush plants. Don’t chop off more than half the new growth. Pruning the plants will reduce fruit production. But the berries will be much larger.

Keeping Away Birds

The best method is netting. However, another way is to add more bushes. Having several bushes will let you and the birds share the fruits.


More water is needed during the fruiting period. Sunlight is important, but planting blueberries in cooler climates is possible. It’s also a good idea to plant different types. This means you’ll get some fruits in the spring and some in the summer.

Contact your local supplier for information on varieties. These variants can be area specific, so learn which types are best suited for you.

Blueberries aren’t just delicious, but they are also nutritious. They come with vitamin C. They are also antioxidants. Eaten regularly, these can help the body fight several diseases.

Among these ailments are heart attacks and some forms of cancer. Studies have shown that it’s also effective in keeping eye vision intact.

It’s true that planting blueberries necessitates some dedication. It takes a while for the fruits to come out. But all the hard work will pay off when the berries start appearing.

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