apple seeds

Apples are enjoyed by one and all for their sweet flavor and juicy texture. It is highly nutritious and it is used as a primary ingredient for making vinegar, cider, and apple juice. People also use it in cakes, pies, and different kinds of desserts.

It is packed with vital nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamin C, which makes it highly efficient in fighting deadly diseases such as lung cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

By learning how to plant apple seeds, people can easily enjoy these numerous benefits.

Materials Required

It is very important to gather all the right ingredients and be equipped with the right information in order to plant apple seeds.

The things needed to plant apple seeds include:

  • a planting container
  • potting soil
  • plastic bag
  • paper towels
  • apple seeds

After gathering all the important materials, it is now time to move on and start this moderately easy task.

Steps Involved in Planting Apple Seeds

There are different kinds of apples. For this reason, it is very important to choose a variant that you really like before planting.

After eating that apple, save the seeds and then put them in a damp towel before folding it. Get a nice clean plastic bag and then place the towel inside.

Put the plastic bag inside the refrigerator. Wait for around six weeks until the seeds begin to sprout.

Expect only around 30 percent of the seeds to germinate, so it is good to plant a sufficient number of seeds.

Procure small containers and then fill them with potting soil. Plant the sprouts inside these containers.

Be sure to maintain sufficient moisture inside the containers and then, place them by the windows where enough sunlight is available.

When they are big enough, transfer them to the soil outside, where it is possible for them to receive 12 hours of daily sunlight. These plants need full sunshine and good ventilation to grow in a healthy manner.

If the weather is cold, there is no need to worry because cold weather is vital for plants to produce good-quality fruits. While the trees are young, take care of them right away.

It is good to prune and fertilize the plants as they continue to grow. It is also good to consult local garden centers for more information and details on how to grow apple trees properly.

It may take a year or more before these trees begin to bear sweet, juicy, and fresh fruits.

Tips and Warnings

Keep the following tips and warnings in mind while trying to plant apple seeds:

  • Moisten the paper towel in which you plan to wrap the apple seeds before putting them inside a plastic bag. Do not make the paper towel wet and simply keep it moist.
  • Have a sufficient number of seeds because some might not germinate properly.
  • While watering, ensure that you do not go overboard because excess water can lead to the rotting of the roots.
  • Ensure that you protect the young plant from bugs and insects and watch out for deer if they happen to be in your area.