Planting a tree is a great way to help the environment and they keep us in touch with nature. It is not uncommon to find tree planting causes and activities in many parts of the world. However, it takes more than just digging holes and throwing trees in them. There are other things you need to do in order to ensure that the trees you plant will survive and eventually grow for many years.

Planting a Tree

Step One: The first step in planting a tree is to pick the right time of the year to plant them. Planting a tree in summer or even during the late spring will be disastrous. The heat coming in from that time of the year will stress out little trees and they will die eventually. The most appropriate time of the year to plant them will be during early spring or during autumn.

Step Two:
Before you do some actual digging you should check with the local authorities regarding any regulations on tree planting. This is crucial especially in urban areas where there isn’t much space to plant trees. One particular rule for example is that in some territories digging deep holes or planting trees near telephone/electric poles is prohibited.

Step Three: You don’t just grab any tree you want and plant it anywhere you think would be great. Some trees may not be suitable for the area you intend to plant them. You should consider the type of tree to plant depending on the climate, region, and even the space you intend to plant them in. This will require a little bit of research but will ensure that the tree you plant will grow.

As you look for suitable tree species you should consider several things about them. Check their specific characteristics like how quickly they grow or how large they usually grow up to be. You should check the disease, insect, and drought tolerance of every tree species you might want to plant.

Once you have chosen the specie of trees you want it would be time to get them from the nursery. You need to know how to tell a healthy tree from one that isn’t. Check the condition of the leaves during the time of the year when the trees are not dormant.

Step Four: The next step to planting a tree would be to prepare the hole you’ll be putting them in. The size of the hole you’ll be making depends on the size of the plant you have. Dig your hole about twice or thrice the size of the root ball’s width and not just enough to fit. This will allow the tree’s roots to grow a lot easier and for water to seep through.

Step Five: Now you will actually be planting a tree. You should gently remove the packaging and never leave the unwrapped roots under the wind and sun. As soon as you have the tree out put it in the hole quickly but gently. You then need to water the tree periodically and use stakes to support the young plant for about a year.